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The Pump Room
1532 W. Chapman Ave
Orange County, California 92868
Phone (714) 978-6010


Orange County's "original" and still best bikini bar. We have the most beautiful bartenders and the coldest beer around, plus an Internet jukebox, 3 pool tables and great prices. ... read more

Ashley Leeann - $13,421

$1 tip $5 tip $10 tip


Anonymous : Ashley is so nice funny and no need to mention very pretty, there is no pump room without ashley, it'll be just "room" ! oh yea, and i thin she wrote the script for wedding crashers, cuz she knows it lie by line, she's almost as good as this awsome guy "Andy"..anywho..ROCK ON ASHLEY!

Anonymous : Monday nights are great with Ashley!!!

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    This place sucks. Which would explain why it's closed now. - Anonymous

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