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The place was a local watering hole on Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles. They were everywhere. Dressed in torn wife beaters and basketball jerseys, they gracefully delivered platters of grease and bottles of joy to anyone who beckoned. We were witnessing a phenomenal species known as the "Smoking Hot Waitress".

SHWs in their natural environment are remarkable. When multiple SHWs are in the area a special marketplace is created where excessive flirting and gratuitous cleavage can be exchanged for heinous pick up lines and exhorbanent tips. It is here that we celebrate such rituals and pay our respect to Smoking Hot Waitresses all over the world.

Oh no we didn't! SHW's newest asset. A 35' Smoking Hot RV. Look for it in a city near you. See more pics...


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Our viewers come from all around the world but when they visit they are most interested in what is Hot in their home town. A recent 3rd party poll tells us that 93% of our visitors are over the age of 21. The age break down is as follows:


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The Tip Daddy

The Tip Daddy is someone who lives large. They drop massive tips to SHWs who earn them. When you become a Tip Daddy at smokinghotwaitress.com the tips you leave for hot waitresses are counted allowing the waitresses to see who their biggest fans are.

The top Tip Daddies every month also get some swag from us. So get tipping and show them who's Daddy.

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