Moon Nightclub

4321 W Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, Nevada
Phone (702) 942-7777


The hottest part of the Moon. If these pictures are not enough, you can see this beauty at Moon Nightclub at the Palms Casino - favorite of celeb Par

Hot Waitress - $48,488

$1 tip $5 tip $10 tip


Anonymous : umm I'm plannin my 21st bday bash. I'll pay w.e. it takes. hit me up to see how much would it come up email is

Anonymous : Who needs to eat? Dessert will be fine

Anonymous : sooo sexy!! wana be my wife??

Anonymous : you look pretty slutty

Anonymous : wow I will not having enough money for tip here hummmmmmmmm.


Anonymous : she has it all

Anonymous : 100 dollar tip for your panties!!

Anonymous : wow, just wow