LJ Duck's Sports Bar and Grill

St. Louis, Missouri


Ashley, our newest WOM and Ms. October, is one of the finest we've seen from St. Louis. When asked, "When she feels sexiest?" we love the visual, "...

Ashley - $365,017

$1 tip $5 tip $10 tip


Anonymous : you guys are a bunch of dorks.

Anonymous : MEN ARE / CAN BE SUCH PIGS.hands up squirts&wetspots,I mean COME ON................JUST TAKE IT OFF&DO ME RITE HERE ALREADY!!!!!

Anonymous : thats a long hallway one could get lost in there for hours,I'd be pleased to escourt you ,,,SO AS YOU DON...SO AS I DON'T LOSE YOU!!!!

: you look drunk

Anonymous : i;d have to say, if i were the judge, the WOM title would be held by your gorgeous self from january 1st to december 31st year in year out!!!!!!!!!!!! . Just a cheeky little Question, just wondering if when you sleep, do you sleep on your stomach?. NO!, Well would it be possible if it were I. Keep smiling

Anonymous : you are very prettt

Anonymous : Come over tonight

Anonymous : 1000 dollars if you let me run my hand up your skirt and slide my finger into you hot wet spot!

Sorry Honey : swallows!!

Anonymous : does she do anal?

Mike : my eyes just had a heart attack .. I need CPR .. c'mere baby ;-)